Flash V1 Urban Bike

Flash V1 Urban Bike Pros and Cons

Flash V1 urban bike has a high speed up to 28 mph when you use the pedal. The motor hub can produce 500 watts. This bike has really cool security features. Sensor rhythm becomes sensitive when you pedal this bike. Motor hubs can die quickly when you stop pedaling or you have pulled the brakes. This bike is suitable for urban areas. You cannot remove the battery quickly because you have to remove the rear wheels to release the frame that covers the battery. This causes you to charge the bike.

This bike is equipped with cool technology. You will get a lightweight plastic pedal and mechanical disc brakes. Security features are the mainstay of this bike. This bike has a GPS horn so you can track your location while using this bike.

The Bike Evolved

We designed Flash from the ground up with one simple goal in mind: to deliver the safety, security and freedom you need to get outside and feel the wind in your face. It just so happens we developed the world’s most advanced bike along the way.


Flash V1 Urban BikeFlash V1 urban bike has a control center that is placed under the tube and it can display the level of pedal aids, battery level, and speed. If you pair the features on your phone then you can know the exact location of GPS. The lights on the back and front are also connected so you can see that the lights are working properly. Rear lights can be used for signal turns and active brakes.

If you activate the brake, the motor inhibitor will cut power to the motor automatically. This is done to prevent damage to the motor. This bike is equipped with throttle and pedal-assist. You can pedal this electric bike at 28 mph. Single-tube frames have three gussets to prevent the bike from swaying when you use high speed. The brakes on this bike can function properly and provide the right power to stop this bike. You can activate pedal-assist and turn off the lights to use the horn.


The control center is under the tube and this can keep the rider in a dangerous position because you have to tilt your head to see this control center. This will block your outlook ahead. You cannot remove the battery easily so you have to charge the battery. This does not provide a practical option for you. The fork that is on the back has a unique pattern so the rider is not sure that it can work properly.

You cannot customize the light on the headlamp because this light is in the frame. The GPS feature can help you but this feature can drain the battery. This bike has no suspension so you will feel uncomfortable while riding this bike for a long journey. That’s the pros and cons for Flash V1 urban bike.

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