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What is an Electric Bike and How the Facts Explain the Flash V1 Lite

This article is meant to explain Flash V1 Lite to its readers and any potential Flash V1 Lite users and anyone who is curious about an electric bike. An electric bike is a kind of bike that runs on both pedal and motor. But of course, there is more than what you will find on an electrically-equipped bicycle ( I made that up, sorry). But actually, what is the definition of electric bike? If you are curious to know more, then you should stick with this article!

What is an electric bike?

An electric bike is, in the simplest explanation, a bike equipped with a motor to assist you to reach a faster speed than a conventional bike would averagely reach. In order to achieve it, it is equipped with an electric motor and a battery. However, unlike a motorcycle, the motor in an electric bike is not to be meant as a substitution for human power. Rather, the engine works as a complementary, to assist the human who operates the bike so it can be operated in a more efficient, yet fun way.

Main components of the bike

An electric bike is composed of three components, each of them is critical to ensure the bike can work properly without any significant problems. The components of an electric bike you would meet are the motor, the battery, and the drivetrain. The motor is to make the bike operate with or without human assistance, the battery is used as the power source of the motor, and the drive train is to connect the transmission of the bike.

The engine equipped

Explain Flash V1 LiteTo explain Flash V1 Lite, first, we need to know about the engine of an electric bike. An electric bike is equipped with an engine with various power capacities, depending on its battery type and the price of the bike itself. Usually, the battery of an electric bike can reach a maximum reach of 20 to 60 miles after it is fully charged. The Flash V1 Lite is equipped with an engine capable of reaching 20 mph and a battery with a maximum mileage of 50 miles, fully charged.

The Flash V1 Lite

Flash V1 lite is an economical electric bike designed for your everyday commuter use. It is elegantly designed by the designers from Flash : Bike Evolved to meet your satisfaction. Also, its powerhouse will not leave you disappointed since it is very powerful, equipped with a 500-watt motor and powered with 36v battery stored at the backside of the bike. Now that’s the way you do to explain Flash V1 Lite!

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