Economical Flash V1 Lite

A Review about the Economical Flash V1 Lite

This electric bike, the economical Flash V1 Lite, is an electric bike sold for USD 1,699 only. If you are in a search for an electric bike which is modernly designed and has a remarkable battery, then the bike is an excellent option. The Flash V1 Lite the cheapest product offered by the company named Flash :

Bike Evolved. The cheap price obviously comes with a consequence; the Flash V1 Lite is not able to utilize several sophisticated technologies equipped on its older brother, the Flash V1. As a relief, customers are able to access the embedded sophisticated tech with an additional payment which costs USD 399 for the upgrade; you can find it on the company’s website. You can gain access to the three-layered security, boosted top speed from 20mph to 28mph, and GPS.


What you can find on Flash V1 Lite

The economical Flash V1 Lite comes with a free battery with a power of 36v as the source of energy for operating its 500-wats motor that is located at the rear side of the bike. You can choose one of the two means of operating the bike, which is either by throttling the engine or by the pedal assist. You can ride the Flash V1 Lite using the four-speed modes available, with the top speed reaching 20mph and maximum range of 50 miles (if the battery is fully charged). At the bike tube located in the middle, there is a mini LCD monitor that shows the battery level, current speed, and the Power Assist. You can purchase an upgrade offered by Flash : Bike Evolved in order to gain access to more advanced features inside the bike. 

A Powerful Motor to Set You Free

Flash has an electric motor with a rechargeable battery, 
so you can explore to your heart’s content.

Built-In Safety for Sharing the Road

We know sharing the road can be stressful, so we built integrated safety features to
keep you safe and visible. It’s the most advanced, intelligent system ever built for a bike

Availability on any countries

Economical Flash V1 LiteThere is another question that surely would surface when you are about to buy the bike: is the Flash V1 Lite available for purchase internationally? Well, since the company which offers the bike for sale is still relatively new, you should expect that the bike is only available in certain regions. It is an unfortunate fact that so far, Flash : Bike Evolved can only serve customers who reside in the area of the United States. The manufacturer regrettably states that it is currently not able to serve any request of shipment if the region where you currently live at is outside the areas of the United States. So, the economical Flash V1 Lite is only available in the US of A.

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