Easy Flash V1 Lite

An Instruction of Easy Operation for the Flash V1 Lite

Confused on how to get an easy Flash V1 Lite operating instruction? A proper instruction is necessary to keep your bike in the best condition at all time. Worry not, for you have arrived at the right place! Now, let’s jump straight to the instructions!

First unboxing

The bike is delivered in the state of shipping mode. After you remove the Flash V1 Lite from the box, you need to deactivate the shipping mode in order to turn on the bike. Plug the charger into the charger port located at the lower frame, under the mini LCD. Wait for five seconds and the LCD will be turned on to display the battery status. Now, you will have to settle and wait again until the battery is fully charged, or just charge it partially and plug the charger off, then ride the bike if you are so eager to experience what the Flash V1 Lite offers. Your choice! 

Turning the power on

In order to switch the bike’s power on, you will need to find the Power Assist Button which is located at the left handle of the bike. Gently press and hold the button with the + sign for five seconds. Shortly after, the LCD will be turned on, showing the battery level, bike speed, and Power Assist level. Flash V1 Lite is now able for you to ride.

Turning the power off

After you finished using the bike, you surely would want to turn the power off before storing it. Simple press and hold the button with the – sign for five seconds, located just next to the + button. Now, the LCD will display an OFF letter and the power of the bike will be deactivated. You can store it safely in your house now. The next is another important step of easy Flash V1 Lite operation you should obviously follow.

Putting your bike to Deep Sleep

Easy Flash V1 LiteTurning off the Flash V1 Lite in the standard way will leave the bike slowly consuming its power since the monitor is still displaying a dim OFF status. You would need to charge the bike sometimes, even when the bike is not currently in use. To avoid that, put the bike into the deep sleep mode. Deep sleep mode is intended for when you want to keep the bike in a considerable amount of time, or if you don’t want to charge the bike too often. Simply press the + and – button simultaneously, and it will be turned into deep sleep mode. Those are every step for easy Flash V1 Lite operation that you need to know.

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