Brand Name Flash V1 Lite

The Brand Name Flash V1 Lite to Die For

If you’re electric bike lovers, you’ll have to purchase a new one with brand name Flash V1 Lite. You’ll get to any places faster.

Flash V1 Lite in a nutshell

Brand Name Flash V1 LiteIt is great if you have an electric bike that is modern and sleek. Not to mention its price, which is so affordable, this electric bike is really the one you should have. Although it doesn’t have a sophisticated technology connected to your cell-phone with Flash app for safety and security, this type is to die for.

What else do you know about the electric bike Flash V1 Lite? This electric bike has an electric motor, which has to be charged before riding. With five-hundred-watt power, you’ll be able to ride more than fifty miles. With its Throttle and pedal assist, you’ll be free to ride with any levels. By the time you pedal, you’ll be energized by its power supply, so you won’t feel tired. If you need to be faster, you can twist the throttle the way you like it. See its simpler features below.

The Features of the Flash V1 Light

  • Its internal battery is 36V for charging the 500-watt rear hub motor.
  • It has an LCD display with high resolution to show the level of power assist, battery charge, and speed.
  • Now, this electric bike is purchased only in the USA.
  • It has a throttle and pedal assist with great grips.
  • Its top speed is more than 20 mph and per charge, riders can take 30-50 miles.
  • This type is designed in such a way to be able to upgrade to Flash V1 easily.

If you buy this electric bike, you’ll promote the going-green lifestyle since it helps you prevent CO2 which is about 471 lbs in size, from going into the atmosphere annually. Riding the Flash V1 Lite is like alternating the car-trips for ten miles every week. It is also proven that riders of Flash V1 Lite will have a good sleep every night, so they will perform well the day after. Riders who concern about safety are suggested to ride only on days. They also need to park their Flash V1 Lite in a secure place.

Surely, it’s beneficial to have this type of Flash electric bike. So, what do you think? You can’t wait to purchase one to ease your life, right? It is hoped that the article about brand name Flash V1 Lite gives the information you need.

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